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Stevy’s Song.

Hello world I’m Stevy and this is my song. By the way if any hot girls read this song and like it call me at




I woke up when my alarm went off at 7:30 A.M,

I took my shower for twenty minutes thirty seconds in warm-hot water, then I got out and dried off then I put on my hat and a green sweater, then I made breakfast, toast and bacon, it was reeeeeaaaaalllly really good, then I had a glass of apple juice it was really tasty.


Then I put my Nike shoes on then I took them off, because just then I remembered I don’t wear shoes. Then I went outside to my car and put the keys in the ignition, but then I remembered I forgot to lock the house so I pulled out my keys took them to my door and then locked the house then walked back to my car and put my keys in the ignition and then I put it in reverse and pulled out of the driveway then shifted back to drive and continued driving down Hickson street.



Then I reached the edge of my street I turned on my blinker and turned to the right. Then I drove down that way for about four and a half miles until I reached the freeway where I was stuck behind some old lady in a Corvette driving at five miles an hour, I honked at her then waited two seconds and then honked again. By then the lady got the picture and sped up.



Thirty minutes later I’m finally at work and everyone beat me there again thanks to the freakin’ old lady so I had to park where there was no parking space, at the entrance of the parking lot, anyways then I pulled out my keys and then walked out of my car and walked towards the studio, I say high to Smarty on my way in and then I go to the elevator and press the fifteen button, the door closed and started heading up, I put my hands behind my back and swayed back and forth to the beat of the music that was playing, five seconds later the elevator stops, the door opens and Tony comes in and the door shuts again, then we continue heading upwards, thirty five and three quarters of a second later the elevator stops, the fifteen button stops glowing, I hear a ding and the door opens, me and Tony walk out.



Now I am at the studio room, I look at the set, it hasn’t changed, I walk over and grab my script and read what I say in my introduction, nothing, that’s what sucks about being co-co-host, you don’t get many lines until the script parts are over, anyways I walk over to the coffee table and grab a chocolate glazed doughnut and eat it, then Director Guy yells in a megaphone “Places peeps we’re on in a minute” then I get in my chair and wait for the show to start.


Now the show has started and are guest is some old guy talking about the “good old days”, anyways this guy is boring the crud out of me and Tony and Hawk already fell asleep, I had a dream where the Tony and Hawk show was hosted by girls, Hawk in pink is not pretty!


It’s been two hours and I woke up and the old guy didn’t seem to notice any of it, I look towards director guy and I mouth the words “end it now” to him, he gets the idea and presses a button on the wall, a buzz is then heard waking Tony and Hawk, “Well we’re out of time thanks for watching the Tony and Hawk show!” Hawk yells, “and we’re off air” Director Guy shouts.



Now I have three hours to kill in the studio until I’m forced to go home, usually I go and play with Smarty’s tank but the cops told me not to do it anymore so now I’m stuck in the studio with Tony, Hawk, and Director Guy,I was thinking about riding the elevator for the next three hours and listen to the music, it was catchy, I went into the elevator and sat on the plush red 2x4 red carpeting, the music began to play American Pie and I began to sing along, then after that song it played the Happy Days theme song, I sang along with that to, by then I have traveled up and down eight times and I was bored so then I pressed the eighth floor button, it dinged and I began to head upwards.


The elevator dinged again and I walked out into the room, on the eighth floor was the employee lounge, it had a lot of cool stuff that I’m not aloud to mention because you will find that out in the Tony and Hawk behind the scenes comics, anyways I sat on the blue carpet and me and Tony had a staring contest, one hundred and forty two and a half seconds later I won, I laughed for nine seconds, then I stopped, I was hungry, I went to the elevator and pressed the six button, it dinged and I headed down listening to Fun, Fun, Fun by the beach boys, I don’t know who put the songs into the radio in the north-east corner of the elevator but he has good taste in music.


The elevator dinged seventeen and seventy three hundredths of a second later, the door opened and I walked in to the food area, where we have food, anyway I walked on the grayish tiled floor and over to the stove, I make a grilled cheese with bacon, lettuce, chicken, mayo and pie, yum, I grilled it for seven minutes twelve and a half seconds, then I take it off the pan and take it to a table, I eat the sandwich in 14 bites, then I buy a bag of Fritos and a Hershey bar from the vending machine, the Fritos cost seventy nine cents and the Hershey bar cost fifty nine cents, all together it cost me a dollar thirty eight cents, I always wondered how they got the idea for that C with a slash in it, kind of weird, well then I ate the Fritos and Hershey bar in this order Frito, Hershey, Frito, Frito, Frito, Frito, Hershey, Hershey, Frito, Frito, Frito, Hershey, then I repeated the pattern five and a half times until I ran out of Hershey bar, I finished the Fritos and walked back to the elevator, one hour left of my day.


In the elevator I bang my head against the wall for about twenty minutes and forty two and three hundredths of a second and then I passed out unconscious. I had a dream where I was wearing a rubber chicken as a necklace running around a box, and then I had the dream where I was on Jeopardy again, I won, all of the answers were two.



I woke up forty minutes later, Hawk was in the elevator heading to the forth floor, his room, I get up and act like nothing happened swaying to the music again, then when Hawk got out of the elevator I pressed the one button ready to drive home, the button dinged and I was off.



Twenty nine and four hundred and eight thousandths of a second later the elevator dinged again, the door opened and I walked out into the lobby, then I walked across the dark green carpeting to the revolving door, then I go through the revolving door eighty times like I always do, then walk out to the parking lot.


I walk out to the parking lot when I run into Bob Motor in the parking lot stealing Hawk’s tire so he can sell it in his shop Bob Motor’s (used) tire shop,  anyways he walks up to me and begins to talk about his interesting hobbies as a driver, then his cell phone rings, he answers it and begins to listen, then he starts dancing like a happy chicken for some reason, then a happier chicken, then a really happy chicken, by that time I had joined him in the dancing and then he flew off into the sky, I had no idea he could fly.


After watching Bob Motor fly off I walk up to my car, unlock my car, open the door to my car, sit down in the driver’s seat of my car, start my car, close the door to my car, pull out of my parking space with my car, and then drive away (in my car).


After I pull out of the studio lot I turn on my radio to channel 937592873459082798347.2, the radio station of all things socks, it’s interesting to learn about something you never use, well anyways I get on to the freeway and apparently there is a giant forty two car pile up, everybody died, so then I turn my car around and I take the scenic route to my house.


After about two hours of being in the car I get hungry, so I pull in at Spherey continent to get a bite to eat for dinner, So anyways I walk in and take my seat and grab a menu, I think I might get a Spherey dog but I never finish it, maybe I’ll get a Spherey burger or a Spherey taco, or both, both, I ordered a Spherey burger and taco combo and a lemonade, with the combo I save a dollar eighteen from the separate price which is eight eighty two, so anyways a lady with a nametag that says hello my name is Jenny takes my order, eight minutes and forty two and eight thousand millionths of a second later my food is here, I eat it all within five minutes and 0.45784204857948472921 of a second later, I pay my bill of seven sixty four and I left a twenty dollar tip, I left Spherey continent full and happy.


Anyways I go back to my car and I walk up to my car, unlock my car, open the door to my car, sit down in the driver’s seat of my car, start my car, close the door to my car, pull out of my parking space with my car, and then drive away (in my car [again]) then I start driving away and I have my radio set to -4731597093570239487515437503842561041975489132051743257039845093874590138759803256454875094387529063592743569068720985702487503498759304876930486749805743098672340698.4097439516329457631498563490856139056134956341985643987156349875264 the radio station all about people who call in to decide what the meaning of Jelly and Marsh mellow on rye bread with a light herb sauce is all about, interesting, you should tune in some time, well anyways I’m about a half hour from home so I am just going to skip the next half hour until I get home ok?


Anyways I’m back at Hickson Street and I pass the fourteen houses that I pass on my way down the street, then I reach my house, I turn off my car, pull out my keys, unbuckle my seatbelt, open the door, step out, close the door, walk to my door, put the key in, turn it to the right, open the door, walk inside, close the door and look at my house, it hasn’t changed a single bit, I walk onto my living room and begin to make carpet angels in my carpeting, fun!


Then I look at the clock 7:30 P.M I usually fall asleep at 10:11 and 24 seconds, I decided to do random stuff for the next few hours, so I rubbed on the carpet, scratched my back, ate ice cream, stared at my ceiling stared at another part of my ceiling, made a prank call to someone in Switzerland, ate pie, worked on advanced college calculus, played attack of the mutant chickens from somewhere near Venus, ate more pie, stared at the ceiling again, read more of War and Peace, hit my wall with my light saber toy, tried to fly, and ate more pie while staring at the ceiling.



It was 10:05 P.M.I brushed my teeth, changed into my nightclothes, and crawled into bed, I yawned and pulled up my covers and Stevy jr. and then fell asleep after a long normal day.


I hope you liked my song cause if you didn’t I’LL KILL YOU WITH A YARD OF CHICKEN WIRE!!!!!!!! Well hope you liked it, enjoy it forever OR ELSE!!